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The True History of TaeKwon-Do: If there was no Choi Hong-Hi there would be no Taekwon-Do

The History of Taekwon-Do The history of Taekwon-Do begins with the name of one single solitary individual: Choi Hong-Hi. Any fair minded, thinking person that is informed of the actual events as they unfolded can only come to one conclusion after analyzing factual data. That conclusion is simply: If there was no Choi Hong-Hi there…

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World Taekwondo hosts innovative Conference on social development, safe sport, and integrity and compliance

MANCHESTER, UK (May 13, 2019) – World Taekwondo today hosted an innovative Conference focused on delivering best-in-class insight and interactive discussions on key issues facing taekwondo and the world of sport. The World Taekwondo Conference was split across three key themes: sport for social development; safe sport; and integrity and compliance. Experts specialising in each…

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