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World Taekwondo Cares project in Nepal

Two programmes targeting reformatory inmates and female domestic abuse victims has been officially unveiled by World Taekwondo in Kathmandu in Nepal. The Nepal Taekwondo Cares project is supported by World Taekwondo and the Asia Development Foundation (ADF), in cooperation with the Nepal Taekwondo Association. Hundreds of people gathered for the launch at the National Taekwondo…

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Why was General Choi Exiled from South Korea? The Truth Revealed.

Ambassador Choi Hong-Hi Two-star Major-General (army serial #10044) This is the second part of the story of General Choi’s Tae Kwon Do.  The first part ended with his locating the ITF headquarters in Vienna, Austria, which allowed him to disseminate his martial art around the world.   POLITICAL INFLUENCES Advantages & Disadvantages General Choi was…

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Corruption in Taekwondo

World Taekwondo Former President UN Young Kim for 31 years spread lies & rumors about General Choi. In the 1988 South Korean Olympics he spread rumors of General Choi being a Communist to keep him away from South Korea. Kim wanted to kill General Choi, because he opposed the corruption in Korean government and in…

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