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Houston Alexander; Giving Back To The Community

Houston Alexander is a unique competitor. He is from Omaha, Nebraska, and has competed in the UFC®, Primus Fighting Championship, Bellator’s Light Heavyweight division, Shark Fights, the RFS, KSW, and Adrenaline MMA. He has been a professional competitor since 2001 is known for his punchining ability. Alexander began his career with a 6-1-0-1 record, including…

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Martial Arts for Quality of Life, Greek Pankration

Dr. Kirk Daffner, 61, paused to center himself before beginning the first of more than 108 carefully orchestrated maneuvers. He jumped, rolled, did one-armed push-ups and slapped the mat with his open hand. He jumped in the air spread-eagled, touching his feet, then kicked at an unseen foe. Along with a handful of other men,…

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