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World Taekwondo President meets winners of Korean Children’s Taekwondo Quiz Contest

SEOUL, Korea (May 8, 2020) – World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue today met with the winners of a nationwide Korean Children’s Taekwondo Quiz Contest, which included a promising taekwondo practitioner. The meeting took place at the World Taekwondo office. Da Eun Choi came first in the quiz and has been training in taekwondo since she was…

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GAMMA Headed for Toward IOC Approval?

The Global Association Of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) on Thursday, 19 December, announced that it formally submitted its application for Observer Status with the Global Association Of International Sports Federations (GAISF). Observer Status allows GAMMA to continue improving and strengthening governance, rules, policies, and global representation for mixed martial arts. This represents the first step GAMMA needs to…

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Special Ceremony – Jungs Taekwondo

Jungs Tae Kwondo 2019 Masters Tea & Sword Ceremony, Hall of Fame Awards and 277th promotion test. Very proud moments.  GM Jung performed tea and sword ceremony for Masters. Special ceremony with Master Lonnie Matthews, Master Forrest Gibson and Master Tom Strade. GM Jung made a special tea for his students. The tea is from…

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