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President Donald Trump Awarded 9th Dan Black Belt by Kukkiwon

Former US President Donald J. Trump was awarded an honorary 9th Dan Black Belt by Kukkiwon President Lee Dong-seop on Saturday November 14th 2021 at Mara Largo in Florida. The Kukkiwon reported this information VIA their facebook page as seen above. “I heard that the Donald Trump is highly interested in Taekwondo,” Lee said, about President…

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(KOR-CHN-ENG)Kukkiwon Makes ‘Biggest Failure in Appointment?’

(KOR-CHN-ENG)Kukkiwon Makes ‘Biggest Failure in Appointment?’ 国技院历史性人事任命大败笔. 국기원, ‘역대급 인사의 패착(敗着)?’ 최영열 원장의 이근창 구조개혁위원회장 선임을 두고 “’코로나19′ 비수에 꽂인 태권도인 들에게 또 하나의 비수를 꽂았나?” By Lee Seok-Je of Seoul Korea President Choi young-ryul Appoints Lee Geun-Chang for President of Structural Reformation Committee Regardless of Corruption, “Will This Hurt Taekwondo People Already Suffering from…

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