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Tragic passing of Master Hyunsik Jung.

Taekwondo Times is sad to hear of the  passing of such a young person Hyunsik Jung, he served as both manager and coach of the 2010 USA National Collegiate Taekwondo Team, as well as an NCTA referee. Coach Jung ran a successful school 20 years teaching. He also served as a World Taekwondo International Referee,…

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The Italian Taekwondo Federation (FITA) has been credited with performing a “small miracle” after teaming up with the Saint Pius X Institute of Vatican City to organise a course for students.

Since last October, 20 boys aged between 13 and 17 years have been practicing taekwondo three times a week as part of their curriculum. Olympian and European champion Leonardo Basile was appointed by FITA to coach the students. It is believed to be the first time such a course has been held in the seminary.…

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Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation fundraising mission reaches Kilimanjaro’s summit

Jordan’s taekwondo athlete Farah Al Asa’ad has successfully reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro on her fundraising mission for the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF). The THF’s Middle East and North Africa coordinator was part of a group which made it to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain after nearly a week of climbing. She unveiled…

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