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Korea’s Olympic Journey

Bae Soon-hak, is the former secretary general of the Korean Sports and Olympic Committee. He has been witness to the National Sports Festival (NSF) and Korea’s Olympic journey. Representing their provinces and metropolitan cities, athletes from all sports disciplines compete to win medals at the festival. “Korea’s current strong presence in international sports is possible…

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Why was General Choi Exiled from South Korea? The Truth Revealed.

Ambassador Choi Hong-Hi Two-star Major-General (army serial #10044) This is the second part of the story of General Choi’s Tae Kwon Do.  The first part ended with his locating the ITF headquarters in Vienna, Austria, which allowed him to disseminate his martial art around the world.   POLITICAL INFLUENCES Advantages & Disadvantages General Choi was…

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President Jimmy Carter offers to assist with peace talks to North Korea

This article is from early March, but we at Taekwondo Times believe that this is still relevant and worth raising awareness of in a time where discovering and building bridges towards peace is more important than ever. ” Former President Jimmy Carter — who once brokered a nuclear agreement with Kim Jong Un’s grandfather in…

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