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Senior Sings Tae Kwon Do’s Song

After viewing a Tae Kwon Do demonstration at a senior citizens’ center, Lucille Thompson of Danville, Illinois, decided that this was something she wanted to learn. She told Minkyo Han, a Tae Kwon Do instructor in Danville, “I’m coming over tomorrow.” There was nothing unusual in this conversation between instructor and prospective student except the…

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First Time Mookas News interviews Grandmaster Woojin Jung May 21,2022

처음으로 국내와 전세계 태권도인 들과 60년 경험담을 토론하기 위해 5월 21일(토요일)에 대담회를 엽니다. (밑을 참조) For the first time, I will have a interview with all the Taekwondo people. It will be held on May 21, 2022. (more information down below). (Mookas article (Mookas article) Mookas News Interview with Grandmaster Woojin Jung Interview…

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Kenya Youth Compete in Chinese Martial Arts Competition

In Nairobi Kenya local youth competed in a Chinese Martial Arts Tournament.  The event was sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi Kenya on Sunday June 13th. “Organized by the Kenya Martial Arts Association, the event saw more than sixty young people come together to face off in the country’s Kiambu County on June 13,…

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