Category: Martial Arts History

Drive Through Belt Ceremony

Many of us are missing out on big moments during the coronavirus outbreak. For dozens of students at a taekwondo studio in Fairfield, California it was going to be their belt ceremony. The studio’s instructors, however, decided to take the extra step to make sure the students were awarded for their hard work and dedication.…

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Collection Item: General Choi Special Issue & Tiger Kim Twins Unvaulted!

General Choi Special Issue & Tiger Kim Twins Unvaulted! Don’t miss out! Soon this piece of martial arts history will be returning to the vault! Only recently unvaulted for the first time! Check out this January 2000, Special Edition of Taekwondo Times featuring Taekwondo founder General Choi Hong Hi. He was there at the beginning…

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Why was General Choi Exiled from South Korea? The Truth Revealed.

Ambassador Choi Hong-Hi Two-star Major-General (army serial #10044) This is the second part of the story of General Choi’s Tae Kwon Do.  The first part ended with his locating the ITF headquarters in Vienna, Austria, which allowed him to disseminate his martial art around the world.   POLITICAL INFLUENCES Advantages & Disadvantages General Choi was…

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