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Would a Proposed Virginia Law Outlaw Martial Arts and Firearms Training?

The following story appeared on Snopes website: An amendment to a law that was already on the books makes no mention of key points raised on junk-news sites. In late November 2019, conspiracy sites started posting an article originally published by Natural News, that falsely reported the state of Virginia will consider legislation outlawing martial arts…

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Collection Item: General Choi Special Issue & Tiger Kim Twins Unvaulted!

General Choi Special Issue & Tiger Kim Twins Unvaulted! Don’t miss out! Soon this piece of martial arts history will be returning to the vault! Only recently unvaulted for the first time! Check out this January 2000, Special Edition of Taekwondo Times featuring Taekwondo founder General Choi Hong Hi. He was there at the beginning…

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Special Ceremony – Jungs Taekwondo

Jungs Tae Kwondo 2019 Masters Tea & Sword Ceremony, Hall of Fame Awards and 277th promotion test. Very proud moments.  GM Jung performed tea and sword ceremony for Masters. Special ceremony with Master Lonnie Matthews, Master Forrest Gibson and Master Tom Strade. GM Jung made a special tea for his students. The tea is from…

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