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Taiwan Sports Association Cuts Funding to Taipei Taekwondo Association

The Sports Administration is set to suspend funding for the Chinese Taipei Taekwondo Association (CTTA) for one year after an investigation found that the association’s senior management had misappropriated its funds. The agency launched an investigation into the association’s finances after receiving a complaint from a member of the board of supervisors that accused CTTA…

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Cultural Treasures

We are soliciting applications for “Cultural Treasures”. Pioneering individuals who have contributed to TaeKwonDo, by the donation of their time and resources to charities, special needs students or other philanthropic activities. If you know someone that embodies these characteristics please email a resume to with Cultural Treasure in the subject line. Individuals selected for…

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Why was General Choi Exiled from South Korea? The Truth Revealed.

Ambassador Choi Hong-Hi Two-star Major-General (army serial #10044) This is the second part of the story of General Choi’s Tae Kwon Do.  The first part ended with his locating the ITF headquarters in Vienna, Austria, which allowed him to disseminate his martial art around the world.   POLITICAL INFLUENCES Advantages & Disadvantages General Choi was…

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