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Final Respects to the Founder of TaeKwon-Do From Woo Jin Jung

“One thing that is too often missing in today’s world is respect. People should show respect for one another. People should respect their family members, seniors, teachers, neighbors and others. It is important to show respect through actions, not through words. If you show respect to others, they will respect you. In my dojang I…

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The wife of TaeKwonDo Founder General Choi Hong Hi

This is an excerpt from General Choi Hong Hi’s wife, Mrs. Choi Hun-Hi at the 100th Birthday Celebration of TaeKwon-Do Founder General Choi Hong Hi: “Good morning I would like to thank you and welcome you. I am honored to be with you at this meaningful event.  We are all here together, united by TaeKwonDo.…

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What and who are we if the “Art” in “Martial Art” no longer exists?

Choue Chung-won has been the President of the World Taekwondo Federation since 2004 when the founder of WT Kim Un-yong was removed because of corruption. For many years the Taekwondo sport has been dominated at the top levels of leadership by politicians, not Taekwondo people. Politicians do not understand Taekwondo as an artform, only as…

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