The TAH Chi Do practitioner is a person of moral principles, living by example: happy, healthy, and charitable. The TAH Chi Do practitioner is accountable and trustworthy, both for themselves and others. They are law-abiding, interact morally, and live a cordial, honest life. The TAH Chi Do practitioner has expertise in physiology, anatomy, psychology, sociology, and cultural diversification. Most importantly, the TAH Chi Do practitioner avoids confrontation and is willing to be leaned on rather than pushing back.

Do not underestimate the power of a seemingly passive approach; a wise person is willing to be leaned on rather than feeding the sickness of violence. One of my most admired martial artists is Jackie Chan, with his comedic style and determination to avoid unwarranted confrontation and violence at all costs. Realize your “timeline.”

The system of TAH Chi Do combines skills and techniques defensively and combatively, utilizing Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, and Pressure Point Manipulations. From Tae Kwon Do, the TAH Chi Do practitioner can set in motion multiple specialized kicks launched from various positions. From Hap Ki Do, the TAH Chi Do practitioner controls a series of defensive counterattacks with grabs, strikes, sweeps, and throwdowns. From Acupressure Points, the TAH Chi Do practitioner controls and manipulates pressure points to paralyze specific anatomical body parts. From Chi, the TAH Chi Do practitioner can alter the central nervous system, affecting the anatomical, physiological, bio-electrical systems, and organs. From Do, the TAH Chi Do practitioner is on their path, being lawful, ethical, morally responsible, and accountable, whether for healing or harming.

Being passive does not define weakness; it defines internal strength, knowledge, and common sense. With the combined knowledge of Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, and Acupressure, the TAH Chi Do practitioner is a master of defensive and combative styles. Within these external styles of strikes and joint manipulations, the TAH Chi Do practitioner becomes knowledgeable of the specialized internal force called Chi, also known as Ki. As Ming-Jwing Yang states, “When the application of Chi and the use of acupuncture points (pressure points) became well understood, the martial application of Chi began.” (Yang, Ming-Jwing, Dr.; Chi Kung, Health & Martial Arts, 1990; ISBN:0-940871-00-9).

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