ITF World Cup before ITF attendance 40%, WT 60% – now upside down.  All over the world people are turning to Traditional Taekwondo.  Traditional Taekwondo teaches good family values, assist with discipline and structure for childern.

알젠티나 적은도시에서 ITF World cup 은 남미나라와 미국3팀 유럽은 그리서 30개국가참석  만참석 900여선수가 참여하고 알젠티나 국가 채육장관도나오고 정부지원 대단하엿고 Grand master George vitale 가돌와서 소식주엊어요 남미는 TIF약70% WT가약30% 세게가 추레지스날 태권도로 중국을비롯하여 변화하고 잊음니다.ITF 북한 사범들은 유로피안 뉴니언에서 비자를거이 주지안아서 여행이 너무어렵담니다,

The first ITF World Cup Taekwon‑Do Games in a huge success

11 Oct 2022

The first ITF World Cup Taekwon‑Do Games in a huge success

The World Cup Taekwon‑Do Games have first ever successfully been held in Santiago del Estero Argentina, from 3rd to 10th Oct. 2022.

This event will remain in the great history of the ITF, since it had an EXPECTACULAR development from Start to Finish, where nothing was missing according to the standards of the Championships of the ITF World.

There participated 1131 participants including 846 competitors(Gup holders: 434 and Dan holders: 412), Umpires and Coaches from 30 countries around the world.

The following member countries were present:

USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Italy, Scotland, England , and host Argentina.

The Organizing Committee was chaired by: GM Adolfo Villanueva, Vice President ITF and President of FAAT, and GM Ing. Osvaldo Ríos Olivero President PTC.

The following authorities of the ITF executive body were present:

Prof. Master Ri Yong Son, ITF President,

Grand Master Prof Dato Leong Wai Meng, ITF Vice President,

Grand Master Michael Prewett, President of the European ITF Federation,

Grand Master Low Ming  Tuk,  President of the Ocean Taekwon‑Do Federation,

Grand Master Dr. George Vitale,Chairman of the ITF Public Relations Committee,

Grand Master Leslie Hutchison, ITF EB member(Scotland),

Grand Master Dr. Enrique Deacon, Secretary General of  PANAM Taekwon‑Do Council,

Mr. Anton Archipov,  ITF Dataprotection officer,

Grand Master Enrique Godoy,

Grand Master Augustus Mitchell

Grand Master Raul Bonilla.

The Opening Ceremony took place with 5,000 people in attendance on 5th of Oct. 2022, at Nodo Tecnologico SDE Santiago del Estero in which His Excellency Dr. Gerardo Zamora, the Governor of Santiago Del Estero, and other Dignitaries were invited. At the Opening Ceremony the congratulatory speeches were made by the Governor and the ITF President.

The Governor offered his thanks to the ITF for honouring his city Santiago Del Estero, to host the World Cup Taekwon‑Do Games first ever held in the ITF history as well as for reviving the normal lives of peoples throughout this game who were in tremendous troubles due to the corona pandemic and emphasised the role of Teakwon-Do in his city, especially for the education of the young peoples and expressed his concern to support the ITF Taekwon‑Do in the future.