Very good story from down in Texas.

Before they put on their scrubs, a group of DHR Health medical professionals get dressed to practice martial arts.

“We have so many stresses at the hospital with everything going on, all the patients we take care of, it’s very hard for us to disconnect and so most of us have found there’s no better way to disconnect,” DHR Health Trauma Medical Director Dr. Jeffrey Skubic said.

They practice with their colleagues, which anesthetist Raymond Walker says makes it all the more interesting.

“Some of them I work with them every day, so it’s kind of fun,” Walker said.

“All day long in the ER, the OR, wherever we are working it’s nonstop and people are calling me nonstop, and you can never get a break,” Dr. Skubic said. “Here early in the morning, nobody’s bothering us, and we just train and get to take out all our frustration on each other.”

Story from KRGV in Texas