Last weekend the Kukkiwon in collaboration with WTMU hosted an event in Chicago Illinois to help train Masters, Grandmasters and Instructors.  We are thankful for the furthering of education for Martial Artists, and TaeKwon-Do people throughout the world.

The Kukkiwon is known for its standards and criteria for providing excellent training information.  The Kukkiwon’s demonstration teams are of the highest caliber with very thorough training and execution.


We admonished the Kukkiwon for putting on this training event.  The information is extremely valuable, but we must also help our schools in the most needed time.  All schools over the world are struggling, and we must think about this.

Additionally we want to congratulate all of the Grand Masters, Masters and Instructors that received their training and went the process of becoming a good TaeKwon-Do Person.

Above is a screenshot of the costs for the certification.  You can view the WTMU Kukkiwon Document here.

We received a few complaints from the TaeKwon-Do world about these events being too expensive.  Times are not normal and the martial arts world needs help.  $400, plus hotel costs, and travel costs is far too much for our instructors to take on.  Many schools cannot even afford the basic necessities.  Please Kukkiwon, try to help our instructors in anyway possible.

As all Martial Arts practitioners know, schools have been demolished by the effects of coronavirus.  Half of the 23,000 TaeKwon-Do schools in the united states closed since the pandemic first began.  We ask you Kukkiwon to help in anyway possible.  Help our new instructors when you can.