Special Promotion Testing 9th, 8th Dan #286 October 9th, 2021

Jungs Taekwondo dojang 49 years in the same location. October 9th 2nd time Grandmaster test – Historical event!!!!! Corona virus caused a lot of stress we are ready for new Taekwondo spirit – energy – kick out virus. We are regular person together, Give lots of energy to taekwondo world. Historical event.
ㅂ.ㅅ. 힘던 일년반 태권도 최 고단자 심사 행사에 어린이,성인,남여
흑인,백인, 에시안, 타인종,이 에서코터 할겆이며 보통 사람의 사랑하고 존경의 역사적인 행사가 될겆이다.