In Nairobi Kenya local youth competed in a Chinese Martial Arts Tournament.  The event was sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi Kenya on Sunday June 13th.

“Organized by the Kenya Martial Arts Association, the event saw more than sixty young people come together to face off in the country’s Kiambu County on June 13, 2021.” –  CGTN News Africa


In recent years martial arts like Kung-Fu have gained tremendous popularity in the country.  In the latest event competitors ranged from 4-20 years old and donned traditional Chinese wardrobe.  Over 60 Kenyans competed in the competition.


“Zhou Meifen, cultural counselor at the Chinese embassy in Kenya said that martial arts are a very important part of Chinese traditional culture and are getting popular among Kenyans. She said China hoped to hold more such activities in the future to promote the friendship between China and Kenya.”






(Photos and video: Liao Liang / CGTN Africa)