Our earth cried out, screamed for help you have not listened, you have turned a deaf ear.

Our oceans are being polluted, fires, tornado’s, floods, hurricanes have raged our land.

Adults mistake for next generation, someday children will ask us, how do we answer?

Stop polluting the earth for the sake of our children’s future.

Stop caring about materialistic things check yourself and ask what is important in your life?

Stop fighting amongst each other, look inside yourself and find kindness and respect for others.

I have made the world stop in its track, I have changed the world forever, you have felt the fear.

Listen to your heart and soul what is it telling you?

I was not born to punish you; I was born to awaken you and make you think?

Before me (Corona) you put life 1st and Job second over the last 5 months now turn around Job then Life.

The world asks who made me?

Why did you make me?

Why did you not tell the world early on when I first touched a human life.

Please remember these moments because next time I may come back even stronger.

The world forever changed, it is up to you, humanity to stop the destruction.

Taekwondo practitioners keep the tenants of Taekwondo.

코로나 바이러서는 우리 인간에게 강한편를 주고잊다. 지구가 이야기 햇지만 당신들은 듣지않고 귀를 막았다 벌을 주기위해 태어난겆이 아니고 깨우치기 위해 태어 낮음니다.

Taekwondo Times Publisher

Jung, Woojin