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You might not think of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge (and former field hockey player) as someone ready—even eager!—to throw a punch. But at an event in London, she did just that, and the world-famous royal showed some pretty good form while doing it. Middleton was at London Stadium to show her support for SportsAid, a UK charity focused on young athletes—the day was dedicated to the parents and guardians who do so much to help them succeed. Middleton has been a patron of the charity since 2013, and has previously attended several of its events.

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This time, she offered some inspiring words to those parents and guardians, saying, “For all of you here, you go, and have gone, above and beyond the call of duty; you’ve committed your time and devotion to nurturing your children’s exceptional talents.”

“You may not always feel appreciated,” she said to the parents and guardians, “or sometimes even noticed on the sidelines, in the car park or sitting high in the stands, but I am so proud that SportAid recognizes how key your role is and that they understand the challenges and worries you face.”