Jungs Tae Kwondo 2019 Masters Tea & Sword Ceremony, Hall of Fame Awards and 277th promotion test.

Very proud moments.  GM Jung performed tea and sword ceremony for Masters. Special ceremony with Master Lonnie Matthews, Master Forrest Gibson and Master Tom Strade. GM Jung made a special tea for his students. The tea is from his heart and soul. The tea is made from special ingredients. He got the ingredients from Colorado where the mountains are vast and strong, Iowa where the soil is black and rich with minerals, Korea his home land and Greenland where he experienced adventure and beauty.  I will leave it to your imagination as to what he got. He mixed all the ingredients together and made his tea. GM Jung said he tested it 24 hours before, he said he didn’t get sick or die so he then gave it to his Masters.

Today three Black belts were indicted into the Jung’s Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame. One of the Black Belts name were Hung Pham, Mr. Pham started Tae Kwon Do in 1994. Mr. Pham is from Vietnam and was living there while Vietnam was at war with North Vietnam. In 1980 he escaped Vietnam by boat and went to Malaysia where he stayed for a year. Then he came to USA, where he later started Tae Kwon Do. The other two inductees were Bryan Seiver and Trina Springsteen

2019 Masters Tea & Sword Ceremony


2019 Jungs Taekwondo Hall of Fame Inductees

Experiencing Korean Culture at its best – Kimchi

277th Black Belt promotion testing