Nobody says it better than Ariel, the following is taken from Ariel Bach’s website.

Recently, I learned that more and more children are likely to become overweight or obese even at MY age due to lack of exercise and unhealthy diet/habits, and I wanted to do something about it using my small talent! With my parents’ help, I have started “Kicking For Healthy Kids” Initiative, an effort to promote healthy lifestyle/diet for children across America, and perhaps even around the world. As many of you know, I train two hours of TaeKwonDo 6 days a week, which is quite challenging physically and sometimes emotionally. Having an initiative like this can really boost my energy level up, so I have set up my own GoFundMe page to raise $5 for every hour of my training to be donated to Action for Healthy Kids, a national nonprofit organization that fights childhood obesity through healthy children’s lifestyle in and out of school. I am currently a contestant at NBC’s America’s Got Talent TV show to promote this important initiative, and I was also featured on ABC7 News where they covered my story for their viewers in NYC area. My hope is to one day compete in the Olympics, which means I have a LOT of training to do! It will help motivate me tremendously as I train, knowing that I have many of you partnering with me in doing something meaningful at the same time. If you’d like to see how I train on a daily basis, please follow me on Instagram, and I truly appreciate your continuous support in this important initiative.