In October, we told you about Dianna Sipper- a young girl who used karate to overcome bullying she faced at school. Sipper and her parents recently got back from London where she competed in the World Martial Arts for Team USA.

Along with her baggage, the 9-year-old brought back some new hardware from the competition. Dianna won two gold medals and two bronze medals in her age group for various competitions.

The competition brought some of the world’s best in martial arts from around the world. But the Sippers say it wasn’t all work for the family. They also got to experience some of what London has to offer, including foods and historic sights. We spoke with the Dianna about her overseas experience.

“I was in music cotta; I was in open hand, weapon, creative weapon, and creative cotta. It was really fun and I really liked it over there,” Sipper said.

Dianna also has a number one ranking in her age group to go along with the gold medals.
She is now automatically qualified to compete for team USA in a martial arts competition in Acapulco, Mexico in 2021.

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