TaeKwonDo Times is very grateful to have been invited to Geenland Taekwon-Do’s 40th anniversary celebration on October 12. Woo Jin Jung and Dr. George Vitale will be representing our publication. Over 40 years 172,000 students at 11 dojangs have trained under Grand Master Leong Wai Meng’s guidance. Grand Master Leong was featured in our Hall of Fame issue in 2010. Dr. Vitale and Woo Jin Jung will be taking award plaques to present to TaeKwonDo dignitaries at the ceremonies.

TaeKwonDo Times is presenting a special award to Leong Wai Meng, the pioneer who brought TaeKwonDo to Greenland. There will be a big celebration October 12th, 2019 . Greenland’s Prime minister will be a part of the ceremony. Thank you to all that have helped. We are very proud to present these awards.