Check out this amazing Digital TaeKwonDo Encylopedia set written by: General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of TaeKwonDo. This set is truly meant for any serious martial arts practitioner or teacher that wants to take their knowledge to the next level. This is one of the most comprehensive martial arts volumes ever written!

As a special thanks to General Choi’s great contribution to TaeKwonDo, Taekwondo Times will be donating 10% of all sales to General Choi’s wife Mrs. Choi Chun-Hi. During General Choi’s life, he devoted himself almost entirely to the growth and development of TaeKwon-Do, never worrying himself over such things as financial gain. General Choi did all that he did for his great love of TaeKwon-Do and TaeKwon-Do people. He sought to preserve Korean culture and to give future generations an artform in which they could all share, a way of life that could bring us towards peace. Since General Choi’s passing in 2002, his wife Choi Chun-Hi has been left with very little resources to live on. There are over 90 Million TaeKwonDo practitioners in the world, we should be taking care of our TaeKwonDo family, especially the family of our TaeKwonDo Father General Choi Hong-Hi.

Encyclopedia of TaeKwon-Do by: General Choi Hong Hi, is a 15 Volume Set, with this version being a copy of the 1985 1st Edition, which is now being offered for the first time in an English digital release!

This one of a kind encyclopedia has 15 volumes consisting of 5,000 pages with 30,000 photos. The encyclopedia is the culmination of General Choi’s lifelong research into Tae Kwon Do’s history and development. This complete encyclopedia includes: Origins and the development of martial arts, the complete history of Tae Kwon Do, culture and philosophy, theory of power, attacking and blocking tools, vital spots, stances, hand and foot techniques, free fighting, fundamental exercises, step-by-step instructions to all the original 24 Chang Hon-style Tae Kwon Do forms.

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Consider checking out our page that is dedicated to the memory of Gen. Choi, Hong Hi and to the financial support of his widow.

Honoring Gen. Choi, Hong Hi