World Taekwondo Former President UN Young Kim for 31 years spread lies & rumors about General Choi. In the 1988 South Korean Olympics he spread rumors of General Choi being a Communist to keep him away from South Korea. Kim wanted to kill General Choi, because he opposed the corruption in Korean government and in World Taekwondo Federation/Kukkiwon.  Two times there was an attempt on General Choi’s life in Japan and Middle America. People all over the world know this story except those in South Korea. This is history. History cannot change. We as Taekwondo people should not glorify someone who is known for his corruption, despite his founding of the World Taekwondo Federation UN Young Kim is a criminal and he has wronged Taekwondo people. General Choi lived for Taekwondo, for its’ growth, its’ evolution and for what it could do in the lives of its’ practitioners. General Choi nurtured the spread of Taekwondo to over 200 countries, both democratic and communist, believing Taekwondo to be an art for all people in the world, an art of peace.

된장과 똥은 색갈 비섯한대 맞은 완전히 다름니다.고김운용 총재님과 고최홍희 총재님도 김총재님 첫10년은 열심히헷는데 나머지 20년은 권력..IOC.정치하다 나라망신 태권도망신 개인최총재님은 평생 개척만하다 갖는데 누명은다… 두분다 좋아헷는데안중근의사와 이완용 완전 다르지요… 조국 정치팀 과 태권도 한심하고 부크럽다.