TaeKwonDo History

최홍희 창시자 한국떠난 이유 1.71년 공화당 선거본부에서 전국유단자 모아달라…유단자는 깡패아님니다 마찰로망명 .2.북에간이유 민주국가는 태권도 보급 잘되고잊는데 사회주의 국가는 안되어서 북한사범을가러처 공산주의국가 소련 중공 동유럽….3. 북에 묻인이유 남.북어디고 묻치고 십다고 TKD Times 부탁하여 양국 최고 지도자에게 의뢰. 남은 김총제게서 안된다하여 북어로 묻침니다.2002 6월 역사임니다.문광부장관 공식문권참조 역사는 못속임니다.

This photo is from 2005 when 6 countries, 93 people visited N. Korea and Gen. Choi Hong Hi National cemetery with Soo Kim, Hee Young Kimm, Jinsuk Yang, Woojin Jung, & Boby Kim.

Founder of TaeKwonDo General Choi, Hong Hi, why did he leave S. Korea?
1. 1971 S. Korean Military government election office wanted the whole country’s black belts to support them in the election. Gen. Choi said that martial artists are not political gangsters. So he was forced to move to Canada.
2. Why did Gen. Choi go to N. Korea? TKD was available in democratic countries, but he wanted the whole world to have TKD. In 1981 he went to teach in N. Korea, leading to TKD being spread to all communist countries.
3. Five months before Gen. Choi died he contacted TKD times about his desire to be buried in Korea. His family all lived in Toronto, Canada, but he believed as the founder of TKD he should be buried in Korean land. TKD Times sent letters to the leader and minister of N. & S. Korea, as well as WTF President Won Young Kim to request being buried in Korea, but the WTF President said no. This is why Gen. Choi is buried in N. Korea.
This is TKD history and the true story behind this time in Gen. Choi’s life

TKD Times Publisher
Jung, Woojin.