Taekwondo practitioners confronted by gym crew after giving noisy demonstration. Fists and feet flew in front of onlookers at Jiangsu shopping center. Gym workers fought with members of a Taekwondo school at a mall in Jiangsu. It looks like a scene from a martial arts movie, but a video that has gone viral on social media is footage of a brawl breaking out at a Chinese shopping mall between a Taekwondo school and a group of gym workers. The original video shows the fight from several different angles filmed by onlookers at a busy mall in Jiangsu province, north of Shanghai. The taekwondo practitioners are seen giving a demonstration to promote their school, but that led to noise complaints. They are then confronted outside a shop by what appears to be a group of employees from a gym inside the same mall. An argument ensues, then fists and kicks are thrown, as alarms inside the mall start going off. The gym workers – who have significant height and reach advantages, appear to get the better their martial artist opponents, who do not have much space at close quarters to throw their kicks. Some of the martial artists appear to have the good sense to exercise “self control” and don’t participate in the melee.