Master Bo Jo (1158-1210CE)

“Master Bo Jo was a leading Zen Master during the Koryo Kingdom. Master Bo Jo taught that true learning only came from experience, a person could learn from hearing, seeing or feeling, but this type of learning was not permanent without personal experience. An example Master Bo Jo gave, was that of a warrior in battle to whom fear was created by the present environment but didn’t exist in the true mind. The more the warrior experienced battle the more his fears would diminish. Because of his personal experience he could understand that fear is an artificial product created by his environment.”

Likewise, in martial arts practice and in life we encounter obstacles or challenges that seem insurmountable, that cause us to be afraid of the possibility of failure. How many of us have encountered a difficult opponent in sparring or the difficulty of breaking a board at a belt promotion test and felt that tinge of fear or doubt in our hearts? We are taught in the tenets of martial arts to develop an indomitable spirit, to persevere in the face of any of life’s many challenges. This inner strength is developed in the heart of every martial arts student and through our effort and continual practice we become veterans of the battle of life. Our experience as martial artists has taught us that anything is possible and if we persevere, we can achieve anything.

Excerpt from: Dr. He-Young Kimm’s book Philosophy of Masters

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