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Be on our May 2019 Cover

Taekwondo Times magazine has been published continuously for 38 years.  It is the most highly successful martial arts magazine.  Many of the best-known martial artist have been on the cover or in the magazine.  To name just a few:

Grand Master Sung Son Yu, Grand Master Tae Yun Kim, Chuck Norris

Master Mimi Hwang, Grand Master Hee Il Cho, MMA’s Matt Hughes,

Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Grand Master Karen Brown, Grand Master Choi Kwang Do

It’s WORLD WIDE circulation, broad scope and high-quality values keep the magazine at the forefront of the martial arts industry.

Taekwondo Times publishes articles from all forms of martial arts.  The editors welcome original, creative, high quality contributions suitable for the magazine’s international readership.

We would love to see you on the cover or inside of the magazine.

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Thank you , Gamsahamnida, 고맙습니다

Master Ms. Lonnie Matthews

Taekwondo Times Publications Director


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