Ever wonder where the Ethical Rules of Taekwondo come from?

Zen Master Won Kwang(543-640CE)
Master Won Kwang was a great monk who was asked to give all the Hwarangdo warriors guidance. Master Won Kwang gave them five important points to follow:

1. Be loyal to your King.
2. Be obedient to your parents.
3. Be honorable to your friends.
4. Never retreat in battle.
5. Make a sensible kill.

In Buddhism killing is forbidden, but Master Won Kwang gave the warriors a practical interpretation of this belief. He said in order for the majority to live, it was permissible to kill the smaller number. In order for the country to be saved, it was permissible to kill the enemy.

From: Dr. He-Young Kimm’s book Philosophy of Masters

What do the Ethical Rules mean to you? How can they apply to your life today?