Today we redeived the best news for our Taekwondo family.  Master Robert McDowell 7th Dan Black belt, head instructor and owner of the Edgewood Branch of Jung’s Tae Kwon Do is CANCER FREE.  Right after hearing the news, I’m cancer free, he left the cancer clinic to deliver the news to his Taekwondo father Grandmaster Jung, Woojin.  Master McDowell has been fighting cancer since 2016.  He made the 2 hour round trip from Edgewood, Iowa to Cedar Rapids Iowa receiving 40 radiation treatments over the last 3 months.  He voices “If it was not for Taekwondo I would have given up during radiation.  The treatments were very tough, Taekwondo gave me strength to fight”.  Very strong mind, body showing the true meaning of Taekwondo tenant Indomitable Spirit.  Many people are smiling today about this news.  Pictured above with very big smiles after receiving this great news Grandmaster Jung, Woojin, Master Robert McDowell and Master Jennifer Lancaster.