A Taekwondo blogger mum from WA and Australian Taekwondo have teamed up in the hope of providing at least one woman in need with a scholarship covering all expenses associated with one year of Taekwondo Training at her local club or school.

Kristy Hitchens, also known as The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger, came up with the idea to crowdfund for what she’s calling a Pink Belt Scholarship, but daunted by the potential scope of the project, approached Australian Taekwondo for support.

The non-profit peak body for Taekwondo in Australia quickly agreed in light of its renewed focus on increasing participation in Taekwondo for everyone, regardless of age, income or ability.

“I started Taekwondo about 18 months ago at age 40, which is kind of a late start,” Kristy said.

“But I was quickly overwhelmed by the profoundly positive impact the training had on me not just from a health and fitness point of view but from a whole-of-life perspective.

“Participating is expensive though. There’s club fees, uniforms, seminars, equipment.

“That puts achieving these amazing life benefits through Taekwondo out of reach for many women.”

Kristy said she wanted to change that, if only for one woman in need.

While no silver bullet, Kristy believed Taekwondo training could help women struggling with issues like domestic violence, body image, workplace bullying and self-esteem.

Australian Taekwondo Participation Manager Ben Exton said Kristy’s idea addressed an important cause and he was glad to be involved.

“Taekwondo has a great history of helping people,” said Ben.

“The recreational and traditional elements of Taekwondo provide such significant benefits that we need to keep promoting these to the wider community.”

Individuals, clubs, schools and businesses from anywhere in the world are invited to contribute from as little as $5 to the scholarship fund which will be administered by Australian Taekwondo.

Once fundraising closes on Friday, November 30, Taekwondo clubs and schools operating in Australia will be invited to make an Application for a Pink Belt Scholarship on behalf of a potential student they would like to sponsor.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel to include the Mortal Mouse and members appointed by Australian Taekwondo.

The Pink Belt Scholarship will be paid directly to the successful recipient by Australian Taekwondo.

Donations can be made to towards the Pink Belt Scholarship at https://chuffed.org/project/pinkbelt