About Us

Our mission for Taekwondo Times is to give back to students, parents, and the community at large—to improve lives and relationships. Since 1980 the format of Taekwondo Times has continued to evolve in this direction, developing a global community that can be used to transcend differences and to help build bridges on all levels, even between countries. One of our missions is to unify all martial arts, regardless of style. We are all part of the same group, the same family. Here at Taekwondo Times we believe in working together towards the common goal of success for all. Martial artists are the same and we share in our desire to forge a better world for future generations to come. We can be a force for positive change, perhaps even for my homeland of Korea, where Taekwondo Times can help bring down the walls of separation and heal old wounds. Simply put, our mission is “Uniting the World through Martial Arts.” There is no greater purpose!