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[Oregon Martial Arts Club, INC] Salesperson Needed at our Facility

Category [seek] Level Sabum
Business Name [Oregon Martial Arts Club, INC] Salesperson Needed at our Facility
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Tigard OR 97224
Kind of Martial Art Taekwondo
Title [Oregon Martial Arts Club, INC] Salesperson Needed at our Facility
Description About the Job Can you get me 100 new members in my Self-Defense and Fitness Facility and receive up to $20,500? I need a Salesperson for a successful self defense and fitness facility in the S.W. Portland Metro Area. This person must be friendly, professional, and able to close sales. The ideal candidate will be ambitious. In addition, they will be driven to follow up on leads and able to recruit and enroll new clients. Applicants must be able to approach local organizations, groups, and businesses to set up programs that feed new enrollments to the business. This Salesperson must be able to work at the school during our prime time hours from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday. I will only pay for hours worked, but you can make most of your money in commissions. I am looking for closers not guys who just want to hang out at a Martial Art School. Applicants will also be required to “cold\" call and \"cold\" talk to people in order to create appointments. This person will be self motivated and a self starter, as well as have an outgoing personality. Martial arts and/or health club sales experience preferred. How fast you make that $20,500 is up to you. I will give you commission for every student that signs a 6 month membership. You will have to find the lead as well as get leads from our marketing, then do the introduction for the lead, and have the lead sign the contract. You will have the option of giving the potential lead anywhere from a 30 day trial, and you will also be able utilize a 60 day money back guarantee to overcome any objections if you have to. We have a full proof system that sells from point A to point Z. All you need to do is practice the pre-set presentation and give an excellent presentation and be available to sign people up at our peak times of activity from 4 pm to 8pm Monday through Thursday. You will need to exude the attributes of fitness consultant such as good fitness, self-confidence, integrity, and know how. Anything you don’t know about our service I will teach you in a short period of time. I need people who understand its all about results, I want winners on my team not losers. This is how we flow: 1. Phone Call is made, a date is set to have the prospective student do a Tour) 2. Tour of the school (10 minutes) 3. Interview #1 (15 minutes) 4. Private Lesson (You will be doing the private lesson, it usually takes 25 minutes) 5. Interview #2 (10 to 25 minutes) 6. Close with a 6 month membership. The quicker and more money you get from a student the bigger the commission. So your commission could be anywhere from $25 to $205 with each sign up. Please contact me with your resume and the reasons why you think you would be good for this job. $136.​00 - $3,736.​00 /​week $25 to $205 for each student that signs up.​ Contact Information Oregon Martial Arts Club, INC Phone: 503-598-8055
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