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WooJin Jung

Name Grand master    WooJin Jung
Business Name Jung's TaeKwonDo
Address 52404 3950 Wilson Ave. SW
IA, Cedar Rapids
Kind of Martial Art Taekwondo
Born Ulsan, South Korea
Occupation Jung's Tae Kwon Do Academy Inc. ( 45 branches in 4 states) New Life Fitness World (7 Clubs, 4 Cities) Point Aerie LTD, LLC Mountain Top Co. (Department Store/Office Building) Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine published worldwide (International)
Professional Experience 1942 Born in Ulsan, South Korea
1970 Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Hanyang University
1971 Immigrated to U.S.A
1973 Founded Jung's Tae Kwon Do Academy, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, now with 45 branch schools
1979 Established New Life Fitness World, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, now with seven clubs
1980 Tae Kwon Do Times magazine is started and published worldwide
1982-89 Chairman of Iowa Korean Committee Association
1987 Established a Sister City relationship between Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Ulsan, South Korea
1991 Formed North Korea, South Korea, and USA Tae Kwon Do Demonstration Team
1992 First visit to North Korea by Tae Kwon Do Times
1995 Built Eagle's Nest in Rocky Mountains in Colorado
2005 Became a member of the Honorary of Kyung-sang-Book-Do in South Korea
2006 2nd World Peace, 60 people from 12 countries, traveled to N. Korea and went to the 38th parallel. Where they broke a peace board. (AP Special) After 16 years of attempts, from 1991 to 2007, the historical TKD Goodwill
2007 Tour which brought the North Korea TKD Demo Team to the U.S. for the first time ever was organized by regular citizens. First time North Korean national anthem played in the US. the New York Philharmonic followed suit and traveled to North Korea.
2008 First time the US national anthem was played in North Korea.
2009 WooJin Jung Tree Monument.
2010 KyeMyoung University TaeKwonDo department Special Appointed Professor.
Awards 1985 Honorary Korean Award by the Prime Minister
1986 Small Business Administration's Iowa Minority Small Business Person of the Year
1990 Iowa Economic Development Award
2009 TKD Ambassador Award, US Taekwondo Grandmaster Society
2009 The Woojin Jung Tree Monument is dedicated by the City of Cedar Rapids
Publications 1998 Tae Kwon Do book, "Free Style Sparring"
2002 세계가 우리를 기다린다.(Korean)2003Autobiography, "Eastern Spirit, Western Dreams" (English version)
2004 Revised edition of "Eastern Spirit, Western Dreams" (English version)
2008 "Best Instructor + Best School = Best Life!" (English version)2009가난과 고난은 인생의보약이다, (Korean)
2009 최고의사범+최고의도장=Best Life!, (Korean)
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