Tae Kwon Do to help relations between the two Koreas

 As much of the Tae Kwon Do world knows or should know, the presidents of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) and World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) signed an historic Protocol Of Accord at the Youth Olympics Games held in China back in 2014. This landmark and ground breaking agreement was brokered under the auspices of the IOC President, Dr. Thomas Bach. Other than the demonstration teams of both organizations performing on the same floor at the WTF World Championships in Russia the following year, not much else occurred publicly.

However quietly and behind the scenes a series of meetings were held between the 2 major Tae Kwon Do world governing bodies, the ITF and the WTF. These meetings increased in their intensity and level of participants, starting when the WTF President warmly received an ITF member from America at his offices in Seoul, Korea. As a result, further talks were set up at the WTF's international office in the Olympic City of Lausanne Switzerland and scheduled almost immediately.

The marathon like discussions included a tour of the Olympic Museum, led by the WTF hosts. After both sides returned home it became apparent that future talks were ready to move to a higher level. As a result the Secretary Generals of both international organizations met in Lausanne. The next obvious step was for the respective Presidents to hold discussions.

These discussions took place recently and resulted in more solid proposals of cooperation for the betterment of the global Tae Kwon Do community. At a time when political tensions are high on the Korean Peninsula it is both a bit comforting and somewhat ironic that it is General Choi Hong-HI's Taekwon-Do that gives the 2 Koreas something positive to work together on.

While both the ITF and WTF are independent international registered organizations, the 2 governments of Korea, support different federations. While the long history of animosity and the federations having a different focus, led to competition among, instead of cooperation between the rival groups, the last several years have seen an unprecedented spirit of cooperation.

The political situation has at times hampered efforts to work together. But this news highlights how Taekwon-Do can and does play an important role in "building a more peaceful world," the long held goal of General Choi Hong-Hi. General Choi's dream was to use his Taekwon-Do to bring people of different backgrounds together, through the love of his Martial Art, which teaches their students to stand on the side of Justice.

Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine, whose motto is "uniting the world through martial arts," is proud to announce that Taekwon-Do will play the role of the first entity to again help soften the relations between the 2 Koreas this year!

The International Demonstration Team of the ITF will arrive in Seoul (south) Korea on June 23. They will travel to MuJu and perform at the WTF's World Championships. The event will be held at the new Taekwondowon, which just last year honored General Choi as the person who named Taekwon-Do, first started it in the ROK Army as Military Taekwon-Do, known around the world as the original Taekwon-Do, and then used the KTA and ITF to spread it globally.

The ITF delegation will be made up of members from:



Czech Republic


United Kingdom

United States Of America

Korea, (the northern half)

Another part of the cooperation and collaboration, as outlined in the Protocol Of Accord, is for the ITF to invite the WTF's International Demonstration Team to perform at the ITF's World Championship in September of this year, which will be held in Pyongyang, the northern part of Korea. The details to make this next step possible will be discussed further, when both Federation Presidents meet next month in Seoul and MuJu, Korea. It should be noted that the IOC President, Dr. Thomas Bach, who played a vital role in bringing the 2 Federations together, will be at the event.

Tae Kwon Do Times would like to thank some of the many people who helped make this happen: Prof. Chang Ung, PhD, the 2nd president of the ITF, IOC Member and Lifetime Honorary ITF President, Dr. Choue Chung-Won, PhD, the 2nd president of the WTF, Master Ri Yong-Son, ITF president and Vice President of the National Olympic Committee in Pyongyang, Mr. Hoss Rafaty, WTF Secretary General (USA) and Grandmaster Michael Prewett, president of EITF (Wales) and several others.

May 19 2017 TaeKwonDoTimes.