Eight thousand people take part in 'world-record breaking taekwondo display' in South Korea…smashing the previous effort of just 1,152

The photos were taken on April 21 and show what appear to be experienced taekwondo practitioners leading the astonishing Guiness record attempt on a green field. People of all ages came together to perform the breathtaking display, which was an attempt to break a record that was set in India back in 2016, which saw just 1,152 people take part. In order to achieve the record, every participant had to perform the martial arts routine simultaneously for a minimum of ten minutes and to a reasonable standard. Although it is unclear if they met the conditions, observers could be seen walking though the crowds of practitioners. Even if they didn't break the record, the eight thousand people came together to create a breathtaking spectacle with all of them dressed in tradition white robes that mark them as practitioners of the martial art.
April 22 2018 TaeKwonDoTimes.