TaeKwonDo World Championships held in Bulgaria

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 At the recent Taekwon-Do World Championships held in Sofia, the Capital City of Bulgaria.   America brought home a Bronze Medal. Alyona Zhuravlyova is a resident of Houghton a city in the State of Michigan. She is presently a Psychology student at studying at MTU. Alyona became accidently injured in a fight against her North Korean opponent and could not continue. The magic of Taekwon-Do was there for all to see in Bulgaria’s premier sports facility, when the Coach from the DPRK Team went to her side to comfort and congratulate Ms. Zhuravlyova for a hard fought fight and tough loss. This of course embodies the first and what General Choi Hong Hi said was the most important Tenet of Taekwon-Do, courtesy, Ye-Ui / 예의Korean.

During the award ceremony the Flags of the DPRK and USA were raised side by side, a feat made possible through Taekwon-Do, another example of “building a more peaceful world” and Uniting the World through the Martial Arts! TaeKwonDo Times Magazine hopes to have these two National Flags hang side by side again, this time in the United States, as we are inviting the famous Chosun Demonstration Team of the DPRK back to America for a 3rd GoodWill Tour. The North Koreans toured the States in both 2007 and 2011. The sold out, standing room only performances were very well received! They also had numerous chances to sightsee and interacting with many Americans along the way, even teaching and training along side their Taekwon-Do brethren in eight cities.


We look forward to this and more either later this fall or early next spring. For further information please check back on our website for updates and visit:

September 17 2013 TaeKwonDoTimes.