Tuesday September 10, 2013


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) elected a new President! The successful candidate was Mr. Thomas Bach of Germany. He ran against 5 other candidates and won on the 2nd round of voting. The other candidates included Mr. Sergey Bubka of Ukraine, Mr. Richard Carrion of Puerto Rico, Mr. Ser Miang Ng of Singapore, Mr. Denis Oswald of Switzerland and Mr. Ching Kuo Wu of Chinese Taipei.


The IOC also announced several other important decisions that are of significant interest to the Martial Arts community during their 125th Session just concluded in Buenos Aires Argentina. Among the most significant decisions were:


1) Taekwondo remains a core sport through 2020

2) Tokyo Japan was awarded the 2020 Summer Olympiad, beating out Istanbul Turkey and Madrid Spain (Madrid eliminated in the 1st round of voting)

3) Wrestling was approved as an Olympic Sport for 2020 and 2024, beating out Baseball/Softball and Squash


The election of the 9th President in the 119 year old history of the IOC will have an impact on Taekwondo, as both the ITF and WTF continue their work towards a united front to help insure Taekwondo remains an official sport beyond 2020. The next important step will be 2017 when the sports face the next review for continued inclusion in the Official Program. All sports, as Wrestling showed the world, must remain exciting and relevant to present day audiences if it hopes to beat back challenges from the candidate waiting sports on the Olympic short list and even upcoming non-Olympic sports. It is hoped that the ITF and WTF will come to some understanding and working agreement, where a combined effort will help to insure continued Olympic recognition. Some insiders felt that the candidacy of Mr. Bach would best help the Taekwondo cause. Now the eyes of the global Taekwondo community will be watching closely on how future developments unfold. 


We at TaeKwonDo Times will keep our readers informed with the latest news and happenings on the Olympic Taekwondo international stage as well as all other important developments in the Taekwondo world.  Congratulations to the new IOC President, Mr. Thomas Bach!
September 10 2013 TaeKwonDoTimes.