Execute Major Kicks in Taekwondo

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In Korean, "Tae" means "the art of kicking, attacking a target by kicking with the feet, a force derived from the systematic movement of the body." Taekwondo is well known for its superiority in foot techniques. Not only are the legs very powerful weapons, but they are also used for blocking. While executing kicks, you also need to maintain a solid, balanced stance with the stationary foot. Special attention must be paid to the shifting of balance and withdrawal of the kicking foot. Here is how to execute a front kick in Taekwondo.

 "The contestant shall wear the trunk protector, head protector, groin guard, forearm guards, shin guards, hand protector and be equipped with a mouthpiece before entering the contest area." - The rule of the World Taekwondo Federation, (WTF).

April 19 2013 TaeKwonDoTimes.