Long Island Open Karate Championship

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 April 7, 2013, Marked the 21st year of "The Long Island Open Karate Championship", hosted by New

York Tournaments and presented by Shihan  Allie Alberigo. The tournament is known as the longest

running tournament on Long Island and this year it had close to 500 competitors with over 1500

spectators. Keeping with the www.nytournaments.com mission run by Shihan Allie Alberigo, Shihan Mike

Pinelli, Grandmaster Rich Fescina and Master Maggie Messina the event ran like clockwork. Starting and

finishing on time. It was a real class event and a breath of fresh air. Celebrity guest Taimak star of the

cult hit movie classic "The Last Dragon," was on hand to sign autographs and take pictures with

attendee's and many Grand Masters and Masters from different styles where there to witness the events

high quality. Participants competed in forms, sparring, self-defense and weapons. "We are taking

tournaments to the next level each time we run an event," said Shihan Alberigo!  For more information

go to www.nytournaments.com
April 11 2013 TaeKwonDoTimes.