Chief Master John L. Godwin...

Leading Martial Arts in the 21st Century


Chief Master John L. Godwin has over 30 years\' experience as an educator, a successful competitor, and an inspiring martial artist. His ability to communicate closely with his students has brought them many awards and successes. He now dedicates his time to training future leaders with his instructor training and leadership program.

His record of martial arts accomplishments speaks for itself:

  • Founder of the Korean Martial Arts Institute – 8 Full-time locations.
  • Inducted into the "Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame" as the 1990 Forms Competitor of the Year (Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine, 1990)

·         1989 Tri State Martial Arts Championships Forms Grand Champion.

·         Became World Champion in fighting, forms, weapons and Demo team competitions at the Tang Soo Do World Championships in 1986, 1988 and 1990.

·         Over 150 First Place awards, 500 Trophies and Numerous Grand Championships.

·         1999 - Won 2 Gold and 1 Silver medal at the Hap Ki Do World Championships in Korea.

·         1996-99 - won the National Multi-school Excellence Award for having outstanding martial arts schools.

·         1991 - Leader of  a TSD demo team who performed at the Shaolin Temple in China

·         Served as the chief instructor at the World Tang Soo Do Headquarters under Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin (Chuck Norris\' first karate instructor)

·         Certified Senior International Master Instructor in Tang Soo Do By: Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin and in Sin Moo Hap Ki Do by: Grandmaster Ji Han Jae

·         Charter member of the World Tang Soo Do Association and World Sin Moo Hap Ki Do Association

·         Has sponsored many fundraising and charity events for local and national charities.

·         Trainer of champions, producing numerous regional, national, and world champions.

·         Has taught Martial Arts seminars all across America and over 12 foreign countries.

·         Advisory Board member for the Educational Funding Company, Motivational and Business management speaker.

·         Developed a special pre-school Tang Soo Do Curriculum  for 4-6 years old children.

·         Competed as an amateur kick boxer from 1986- 1989.

·         2002: Won a Gold Medal in fighting in Korea at World Hap Ki Do Games

·         Personally trained by Grandmaster Ji Han Jae in over 300 private instructor seminars.

·         Managed one of the Top Performing Multi School Organizations

·         2003: Inducted into the World Tang Soo Do Hall of Fame and North American Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year.

·         2005 Performed as Captain of Tang Soo Do & Hap Ki Do demonstration teams in North Korea (DPR) for the 50th Anniversary of Tae Kwon Do at Tae Kwon Do Palace.

·         Received Ambassador Award for contribution to Foreign Martial Arts Instructors.

·         2006 Produced over 1000 Black Belt at KMAI Studios.

·         2008 Directed Masters Demo for TSD World Championship Orlando FL.

·         2008& 2010 KMAI Creativity Demo Team Earned 1st Place Win at TSD World Championship. Awarded 2010 “Master of the Year” for 30 years of contributions.

·         2010 Cover Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine “ Movers and Shakers”

·         2010 Inducted into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame 30 years Contribution.

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