Stretch Yourself: Anti-inflammatory Diet for Arthritis

Max from Italy asked me if his diet is good for osteoarthritis in his hips. Here is his message:
“I am 36 years old and I practiced kickboxing but recently (two years ago) I discovered osteoarthritis in both hips. I only train 2 times a week in the gym. This is my diet used every day for about 6 months, according warrior diet protocol (eating only once daily in the evening).

Morning: water with supplement of glucosamine chondroitin msm omega 3 and magnesium carbonate in a citrate formulation.

Evening: water with supplement of glucosamine chondroitin msm and omega 3 eggs (sometimes with the addition of pasteurized egg white) seasoned steamed broccoli with olive oil, red beans, 300g Greek yogurt zero fat low carb high protein, many nuts and almonds, chocolate sugar-free, and magnesium carbonate in a citrate formulation (occasionally 2 oranges and a little pineapple).

Is this wrong as my anti inflammatory diet?

Max from Italy

My answer:

Anti-inflammatory foods won\'t help if your joint mechanics are off, which means the muscles controlling the joint are not working optimally. Read my article “Treating Worn-Out Joints” at

Concerning nutrition:
For most people it may be less important what anti-inflammatory foods they eat, but more important to eliminate the foods that are pro-inflammatory and harmful to their immune system. While your list includes many foods that are generally considered anti-inflammatory and does not include what are generally considered pro-inflammatory foods, if I ate like you do I would be sick and my joints would be inflamed. Because one\'s reactions to every food are individual it is not a good idea to follow the dietary fads and advice in the popular media.
MAR. 31. 2011. TaeKwonDoTimes.