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Wake up to the little miracles around you right now and appreciate the power of the universal life force! This is your power we are talking about, and your intelligence.
Look again at our caterpillar. Imagine trying to explain this miraculous transformation to someone who had never heard of it.  You talk about a worm-like crawling bug who eats plants, but who k knows when he’s eaten enough and when it’s time to stop, who knows how to wrap himself with threads that he makes from his own body, who then disappears inside this sealed encasement, who then secretes chemicals from his own body which let him disassemble and re-form again – not as a drab crawling bug, but as a multicolored winged creature that flies through the air!  This doesn’t sound like it should be possible, does it?  Such creativity…such intelligence…such imagination!

Or, how about the giant stars out there, exploding into elements that “know how” to form as the metals and minerals of planets…The incredible, unspeakable power of a black hole that holds an entire galaxy in orbit…Or, think about the cells from a man and woman that unite and know how to express themselves as eyes, hands, hair, legs, feet, ears, and a brain that processes intangible qualities like feelings, thoughts, desires, and love…Or the tiny little brown nut that holds within it the awesome power to transform into a majestic tree!  If all this does not begin to convince you how creative the universal life force is, think again.
This very creativity is your own!  These miracles we take for granted every day are pictures of your own life force in motion. How can you still insist that you are nothing, nobody, with no purpose, no talent, when you possess energy like this!  A tiny unborn bird pecks away at his shell hundreds of times for no other reason than to be born.  For no other reason than to be who he is.  He follows the life force as far as his purpose directs.

But you!  You are born with so much more capability than this little bird.  If you are not living your life with the same enthusiasm of a supernova, exploding to fill your space with energy to build and create and transform, you are still inside a dark shell.  If you are sitting around doing nothing more than feeling sorry for yourself, then you are not even as true and honest as the little bird, who at least honors his life fore by pecking his way out into the world.

I am asking you to come out and start appreciating this life force that brought you here! I am asking you to start honoring the power which is your birthright, and the responsibility you have to fulfill yourself with this energy.  Yes, it is a responsibility, because when you refuse to be yourself, you cheat the universe out of a part of itself.  You are here now because you have a purpose that is part of the entire universal expression.  To do your part, all you have to do is to just be yourself, your true self, and honor yourself with love, support, training, perseverance, and fulfillment.

I am asking you to do something that is actually easier than being untrue to yourself!  Think how much pain and effort it takes to make yourself live out of sync with your true desires…keeping a relationship that’s wrong…doing unchallenging work…making money that goes nowhere, accomplishing nothing.  Living wrongly takes enormous energy!  When all of your energy goes to non-constructive purposes, you feel drained and apathetic.  That’s why you say you are “sick and tired” of living this way.

You can make a change!  One of the main points I have tried to make throughout this book is that your Ki energy is transforming energy.  That is its very nature.  It transforms and manifests in different ways, shapes and forms according to your direction.  The picture of your body and environment right now is a result of how you have directed your energy up to now.  The picture you see right now didn’t exist until it transformed into this picture.  And if you choose, it can transform again!
JUN. 08. 2010. TaeKwonDoTimes.