September 2016

A Year in the Life of Mimi Hwang


 Fighting with the Winning Edge                              10 Ways to Improve your Basics
Lost Art of the Ax Kick (Pt 1)                                    Alex Gillis and A Killing Art
Rope Dart Then and Now                                        The Potentially Fatal Punch
Silk Road Tae Kwon Do Quest IV                            30 Ways Kids Can Stop Bullying
Two Simple Self-Defense Techniques                     Cross Training with Yoga
The Traveling Black Belt                                          Into to the Curriculum of Choi Young Su Dojunim
My Journey to 3rd Dan in Hapkido                          Community Outreach: The Chosun Taekwondo Academy Leadership Team
A Year in the Life of Mimi Hwang                            Journey of a Martial Artist is Never Complete


Woman of the Times / You've Come a Long Way, Baby            Business / Beyond Black
Warrior Wisdom / You Must Internalize Your Art
From the Heart / Letter to the Readers
Kick it with Kerwin / Interview with Tanna Frederick
Joy of Breaking / Downward Knife Hand
One Step at a Time / The Bully and the Victim
Guest Opinion / Gymnastics or Martial Arts? The Rise of XMA
Knights Way/ Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep


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