July 2015

206 Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth


"Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth: Who's Got the Most Hapkido Frequent Flyer Miles?"
"Tae Kwon Do Celebrates 60 Years"
Marc Zirogiannis "Phillip Rhee, Underdog Master"
Master Brian C. Jang "Tae Kwon Do, My Life"
"General Choi Hong Hi, Political Influences"
Grandmaster Marshal Gagne "Wonkumdo:Full Circle of the Sword"
David Ippen "Kicking"
Thomas Gordon "Self-Defense with Crayons"
Joshua Novak "Defensive Tactics, Guardian Angels Style"
Brian Myers "Community Resource Needed: Bullying Prevention Experts"
Chief Master George Vitale "Interview with John A. Johnson"
Grandmaster Kyu-Il Cho "Spirit and Philosophy of Tae Kwon Do"