Getting your pictures published?
- TaeKwonDo Times is looking for great pictures -

Want to improve your chances of getting your pictures published? For amateurs, take the time to compose the scene, focus and nail the exposure, before you press the shutter.

Advanced amateurs and professionals will add aperture, depth of field, ISO speed, and the correct color balance to the list. Manual exposure, manual aperture, custom white balance, and manual flash/strobes, usually produce superior results.

Images that require extensive processing on our part, are less likely to meet minimum print quality requirements and less likely to get published. Below are guidelines and setups we have used for cover shoots and illustrations, published over the last 27 years, by Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine:

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(The pdf would have to be printed and mailed in)

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All images and experience levels

  • 1. Camera should produce at least a 3 mega-pixel image. No cell phone cameras.
  • 2. Your photograph should illustrate the text in the story.
  • 3. Avoid photographing flags, mirrors, pictures, awards, windows, doorways, and people that may distract from the photograph subject or are difficult to crop out.
  • 4. Do not email images to us unless requested.
  • 5. Do not embed images in Word or other word processing/text files. We cannot use these images.
  • 6. Burn images to a CD and return to us quickly; we may require additional images to publish.
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