Dear Taekwondo Times,

I just wanted to thank you again for the honor to be your cover for the Women in Martial Arts feature last March.

The increased credibility and validation has allowed for many opportunities for both White Tiger and myself.

The public school system, an ideal marketplace for prospect martial art students, actually prohibits martial arts of any kind in my county.
Being on the cover of an internationally recognized magazine has enabled me to present myself as a leader in my industry. I have been invited to speak and autograph magazines at almost every private and public school in my area.

The local business community has gained new respect for my business as well. Other businesses eagerly accept my invitations for co-op marketing and special events. The martial arts community now recognizes White Tiger and we have been more successful in booking special guests and hiring elite instructors from around the world.

My personal career has broadened as well. I received several movie scripts (had to pass), filmed a pilot for TV called Zen Beauty, have written for several business books, and am writing a book about my experiences with the Korean Tigers. And of course I now have a column for Taekwondo Times.

The best part for me has been the increase in student enrollment. Finally I have been able to reach the once unobtainable preteen/teen female market. It is these young girls who after seeing the magazine cover, will come up to me and ask questions about training and learning self defense. In today's economy, expanding my current market has been the most cost effective marketing. I can't control the amount of people who live near my school or control the amount of new people moving into my area, but I can make an increase the percentage of those people who are interested in martial arts. Now I can reach a group that truly needs to build self esteem, confidence and learn self defense skills. I have time to see them to black belt before they go off to college.

Thank you again for the honor,

Master Rondy
White Tiger Taekwondo & Martial Arts